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20th-Aug-2009 07:02 pm - New One Chapter One
Warnings: None exept if you haven't met Tiki yet.

Spoilers: None

Characters: Luna my OC, and Lavi & Bookman. Eventually lunaxlavi. c:

New One

Chapter One

Aiming for the star she set in her sights she shot the blinding white arrow at it. Instantly the arrow found a path among the stars and killed the akuma. As soon as the debris cleared she looked around to see if there was anymore. Nope. The blonde head moved fast and found her way to the Innocence fragment. She picked it up but someone appeared in front of her. Long black hair and gold eyes. Gray skin. She had heard about these creatures. Noah they were called. “Sorry miss but you can't have that.” It said smoothly. She raised an eyebrow. She said nothing and she drove an arrow deep into the creatures flawless skin. Into the center of his stomach. It shouted in pain. It's eyes wide and angry. Moving fast the girl ran toward the mountains where she had been standing a few moments before she killed the akuma. It could run and quicker than her. She got another arrow ready and shot it. She could keep it away if she got out fast.

Sighing she had finally fought the Noah off she removed her quiver from her back. She held it in her hand as she walked slowly to the train station. Straight back to the Order. The place was always dark and busy. She carried the fragment back to the science department. She got a short thank you from one of them and walked to the women's bath with no intention of making her bath a quick one.

She dried her fluffy blonde hair with a towel and then got dressed in her usual off duty outfit she liked to call it. “Welcome back Luna.” Someone said. She looked up from her curry. It was a redhaired boy she wasn't fond of. “Thank you Lavi.” She said swallowing her food. Lavi sat across from her. “What did you run into?” He asked nonchalantly. “A Noah I think they're called.” Said Luna swallowing again. Lavi appeared unfased. “They seem to show up more and more now. This is getting serious.”
He said deadpane. Luna being a new exorcists and only having been there six months was a little confused. “What are they exactly?” She asked. Lavi explained what they were to her and she nodded as she understood.
Then suddenly there was a tap on her shoulder. Chief Supervisor Koumi. “Hello Supervisor.” Said Luna. Finishing her food she pushed the plate aside and looked at Koumi. “Ah well this involves you as well Lavi.” Said Koumi. Luna looked at Lavi. Lavi opened his one eye to show he was listening.

End of chapter.

Or is it? >D

Let me know what you guys think~ <3
24th-Jul-2009 05:03 pm - KanRina bbycakes~
The snow was falling lighty outside the female exorsits window. If she went now, she could make it there and back before anyone noticed she was missing. Lenalee wrapped the scarff around her neck and and crept out of her room and crept out of her room and out the Order eventually. It was the Order's Christmas party that night and she had something in mind for a certain long haired samurai.

She thought it was a perfect idea and his old one was worn down to the thick seams anyway. And maybe it would be a good chance to tell him something she had kept inside her for a long time.....

Arriving at the shop she quickly stepped inside with the small tinkle of the bell on the door. The warm sent of polish greeted her and the blades shone brilliantly on the walls on display. A middle aged man stood behind a glass counter with a smile.

"Hello. And what can I do for a young lady like you?" Said the old man. Lenalee smiled. She talked with the old man until something with a dark red blue ribbon interested her. "I'll take that one." Said Lenalee. The man wrapped it up and she went on her way. Her cheeks were red from the cold but her eyes were bright and her stomach had butterflies. She got back just in time to make it back to her room before someone came looking for her to fix some decorations that her brother stepped on. She quickly hid the present under her bed and rushed to fix them.

Koumi stood there in the center of all the chaos "supervising" as he put it. When really he was just laughing and ordering people around. Lavi could be heard kicking a Finder for dropping something heavy on his foot. Kanda was no where to be seen she noted worriedly. But then again he never liked things like this so she wasn't to worried. About an hour before everything started she crept back to her room and grabbed the present. She stuck it under the tree and by the time she was done Allen had appeared to drag someone out from hiding because a cat fight was about to take place. Lenalee heard the rough voice and recognized it easily. Then walking toward them she knocked both of their heads together. "DO YOU TWO EVER STOP FIGHTING?" She demanded. Allen and Kanda both stood there to scared to move or answer. She backed away a few steps then went to go help someone carry a platter of cookies.

A few hours later Lenalee had somehow ended up in a slightly shadowed corner with Kanda. She figured now was the best time for it....when his back was turned to probably harm someone she grabbed the present she bought him. Then when Kanda turned back to her his eyebrow raised when he saw the long narrow package. She handed to him. "I saw your old sheath was worn out so I thought you could use a new one..." She said a little nervously. "Why did you?..." Asked Kanda confused. Though he was confused there was a small twitch at the corners of his mouth.

Lenalee didn't answer. She just waited for him to unwrap the package. Kanda looked at her for 10 minutes though it seemed like an age. Then he slowly undid the long narrow package. It was a bloodred ribbon that surrounded it. The shiny sliver shone brilliantly. Then at the tip of it where the should go in a peice of paper was stuck in it. Pulling out it was a piece of twisted paper. Setting the sheath against the wall he read it.

Kanda, I hope you like the sheath I picked out for you.



Love? That word had caught his eye. Since when and she signed anything with love?

Then when he looked back at Lenalee's face he saw a deep longing in her eyes. "Lenalee-"

But was cut off by "Kanda-"

Kanda moved swiftly and silently. He pressed a finger to her lips. "Let me finish. It's rude to interrupt someone." He said. This sent a cute blush across her cheeks. He bent his head down and his long hair shielded their faces. He toke his finger of her lips and planted a small sweet kiss.

Lenalee was taken aback but refused to let go.
19th-Jul-2009 03:56 pm - Oneshot LavixLenalee
Lavi layed on his bed. His arms over his eyes and his mood was sour. It's not like it matters. So I kissed her. Big deal. Then why did it feel so right and wrong at the same time?

The flashback almost made him blush. Just the memory of the feeling was enough to tear him in two.

</i> Lavi suddenly noticed they were a little close. She was close enough to....before he knew what he was doing he cupped her chin in his hand and kissed Lenalee. She didn't push him away, she reacted which wasn't what he he expected. He had wondered what she'd do if he kissed her. Instead she wrapped her hands in his hair and began kissing back harder.....</i>

Lavi growled to himself again at the flashback that constantly played in his mind. Oh really it's not like he was in love. He was just curious. She didn't seem to take it seriously so what did it matter? Why should he? If he wasn't in love then why did this memory he made on a sudden rush of hormones have such an effect? Even when he wasn't Lavi he thought about it. As Boookman Jr. he could just forget about "Lavi's" friends. But it was her . She seemed to always be the exception. Why? It was innocent. He was being his age. What did it matter?

Oh you know it matters. It matters a good deal more than it should.

That voice at the back of his head.....he hated it. It scared him.

:> Let me know what you guys think!
12th-Jul-2009 06:45 pm - Fanart you will want to worship
OKAY Here is some awesome sauce art I found on a site called Pixiv.

It has Edward but just use your imagination and pretend he's not there.

And the best for last (Not to mention the cutest)
12th-Jul-2009 11:39 am - I can has fanart?
So this art was made by some friends of mine. They both have LJs, but are more active on gaia so I'll credit both accounts. Feel free to save them if you want.

Done by RARE ENDANGERED SPY CRAB or ohilovetodance

These three done by prodigymeltdown

This one she say's isn't finished, but feel free to use your imagination cB
11th-Jul-2009 06:01 pm - Chapter one-
A small dim light shone. The street lights outside, came in through the small window. Snap! went the chocolate bar. Mello swallowed and then he felt his cell phone vibrate. It was an unknown number. Ignoring the call he flipped his phone closed again. No way would he answer that if he didn't even know who it was. Then it vibrated again. And again. And until finally he just snapped what into the phone.

"My apologizes Mello. I am sorry to bother you, but there is some business I need your help for." A voice on the other end made Mello jump. "Who are you? Is that you Near? You're the only one I know that talks like this." Said Mello. He slightly calmed down. Near wasn't someone out to get him. Near didn't care what Mello did. But why did he call him?

Near let out a sound that sounded like an amused chuckle. "Like I said, I have some business I need your help for." Near repeated.

Mello let out an aggravated sigh. "What is it?" Mello asked.

"Straightforward as always Mello." Said Near. Mello's scowled. He could just picture Near's grin. "What is it?" Asked Mello through gritted teeth.

"I'm sure you've heard, there was a Prince that was kidnapped. There is nothing that links the kidnapper to the Prince. No servants, no DNA no anything. Seems he just vanished. I was asked as L to find them. But I need your help this time." Said Near. Mello heard the clicking of some toys as Near explained.

"What do you need my help for?" Asked Mello angrily running his gloved hands through his hair.

"Well I think- no I am certain this was a street crime. Someone maybe wanting a ransom, but they left no evidence of any kind." Near explained.

"So he probably ran away then." Mello said.

"I thought that to, but his family said it wouldn't be like him to run away." Near said.

"Not like him? I wouldn't be surprised. Kids who seem happy actually spend most of their time wanting a normal life so they run away. Not like it doesn't happen." Mello said.

"His family said he would never want to leave. He even said it himself." Near said

"That's no reason kids can put up a good act." Said Mello

"Maybe not. But they've asked for m- L's help. But L needs a representative so to speak." Near said.

"And you want me to be this representative." Mello said getting the point.

"Yes. I know I'm asking a lot from you. I need your help Mello. You are the only one that can track someone this way." Said Near

Mello sighed. He had some other projects he was working on. There was a bomber he was trying to track. "Alright. I'll help you. I would prefer it if I would meet you. Sending someone out here would be dangerous." Said Mello.

"Alright sounds fair. Thank you Mello." Said Near

Mello grumbled. "I'll call again around the same time tomorrow to tell you the information you need." Said Near.

"Okay." Said Mello. And with that Near hung up.

Mello flipped his phone closed and grumbled. What the hell did he get himself into?
8th-Jul-2009 07:28 pm - Affection- KandaxLenalee
Warnings: None though slight spoiler for first few episodes & chapters

Rating: PG

Summary: Read it and find out <3

Something small and glittering lay among black ash. Kanda at first payed no attention to it but then he recalled a time that Koumi gave the location of his parents death away. Killed by Akuma...and in China. And this certainly had the signs and marks of a long ago attack. The day was cloudy and few people around. Kanda walked forward his heavy boots crunching the ash and dead leaves. Bending down he picked it up. Slowly as it came into view, a long silver chain and a small pendant at the end of it. And Onyx in the shape of a heart. Holding it up in the light he noticed, that small letters were written on the back. He rubbed the ash off and the name Lee caught his eye. A little surprised he wondered if this was something their mother had worn. He put in in his jacket pocket and left for the train back to the Order.

Walking back to his room the sound of his walking echoing in the empty hallway, he noticed Lenalee's door open. Then his mind flicked back to the necklace he had found. Her last name was Lee. And it was at the location her parents had been attacked. His expression taking a very serious one he crept towards her room. It was empty. As quiet as a mouse, he toke the necklace and put it on her bed. Then he left before anyone noticed he was in Lenalee's room.

The next morning he was heading to the meditation room, and passed Koumi's office. Lenalee was standing on the side of his desk in a whispered conversation. She was holding clenched in her hand the necklace he left on her bed. Kanda's heart gave an unexpected jump at the sight. Koumi sat grave with his head in one hand. He was able to catch a few words.

"So this is...our mothers?"

"Yes I'm certain of it. I remember it. She always wore it. It was a family heirlom father gave to her when she toke his name."

"I found it on my bed...."

"D'you know who did it?"

"No...but I'm grateful to the person that found it."

"Say wasn't Kanda-kun just there?"

"Your right he was! Maybe I should go and ask him..."

His heart gave a jump and he walked away before she would come looking for him.

No such luck. A pair of small and light feet could be heard running behind him. He turned to see Lenalee catching up to him. She still had the necklace. "Kanda! I have something I want to ask you." She said breathlessly. Kanda waited for the question he knew that was coming. He didn't want to admit to sopping around the place of her parents death. That was to lowly.

She held up the necklace. "Didn't you just come back from China?" Asked Lenalee. Her eyes were big and bright. "Yes." He said shortly.

"Did you put this in my room last night?" She asked. Kanda froze. He was surprised at her straight forwardness. He swallowed. "No running away now..." He thought.

"....Yes I did." He said turning his eyes away. They were filled with uncertainty. He hadn't known she'd ask. He figured she'd just wear it and not say anything. Lenalee looked like she had just swallowed a lump in her throat. The brim of her bright purple eyes started to tear up. "Why are you crying?!" He asked surprised. Lenalee giggled a little. Then her expression turned serious. Without so much as a warning she flew at Kanda, gripping him in a tight hug. This had him completely off guard. She never showed this kind of affection to him before. He hugged her back just as tightly though. "Thank you." She whispered in his ear.

And in that moment a small tug of a smile formed at the corners of his lips.
4th-Jul-2009 07:54 pm - KandaxLenalee---Oneshot

It all started when a Finder got scared and ended up throwing his food into another finder's face. Then it really got bad when someone dumped food on Kanda. Staying still for a moment then toke his Soba, and aimed it all at the Finder who did it. Kanda stood there with a glare on his face that clearly said "Don't mess with me or else" Then he heard a half amused cry and half annoyed. It was high pitched and sounded like...Lenalee. The food flew threw the air, and he could hear Allen shouting in a rage at anyone who tried to take his food. Lavi could be heard being enthusiastic about this sudden food fight. Kanda growled in utter irritation. Che. Now he had food all over his hair and clothes. Suddenly a hand grabbed his arm. He snapped his hand back and was about to punch the person who did it but it fell when I saw Lenalee's face. Lenalee almost flinched but her lips had curled into a mischievous smile. Her hair was covered in sauce and (Her open necked shirt and it reveled a little more than he should have noticed Kanda noted) had white rice on it. "What?" He asked slightly calmer but still pretty pissed.

Lenalee held some of her hair aside and he saw her expression. Mischievous eyes, and smile. Kanda flushed and looked down at her hand on his arm so she wouldn't see. Thin, pale long fingers reached halfway around his arm. Her nails slightly long... Kanda snapped out if what ever had overtaken him.

Suddenly the fight stopped as quickly as it had started. A fierce tall man stood in the doorway.

Some hours later though he wasn't sure how Lenalee sat on his bed picking the food out of his hair and tossing it into a bucket. She worked slowly getting everything out. She had no food left on her so she volunteered to help Kanda. Kanda really didn't mind so he let her.

He sat there thoughtful until after it seemed a few hours a hand on his shoulder made him look around. "It's all out." Said Lenalee smiling. Then he realized something. His face was very close to hers. Her lips were curled and tempting....without even realizing what he was doing, he put his hand under her chin and softly kissed her. Her lips were warm and soft...

It was like a spell had overtaken them. They stayed locked by the lips together for a few minutes that seemed like ages. She melted into the kiss, and put her hands in his raven black hair. It felt like silk....

Kanda kissed her deeper and found his finger at her neck stroking it.

Then the spell was broken. Lenalee pulled back and had a contented smile on her face. Kanda smirked and then the dreadful realization of what might happen to him if Koumi ever found out, made the smirk vanish.

20th-Jun-2009 12:50 pm - I LIEK
Warning: babble alert.

So got Moon off my back. That was good. Went out all day yesterday and now I want to make jewelry. I looks fun but hard. </3 And want to work at the Toy Shop downtown. Robin Hood coming out today yay. Yeah I dun have much to say.
11th-Jun-2009 06:48 pm - Dear SMeyer....
It has come to my attention, that your characters suck. Edward told Isabella in Breaking Dawn, that she should get an abortion. .....







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