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We are more than stars in winter
How apposed are you to grand theft auto?
Chapter one- 
11th-Jul-2009 06:01 pm
A small dim light shone. The street lights outside, came in through the small window. Snap! went the chocolate bar. Mello swallowed and then he felt his cell phone vibrate. It was an unknown number. Ignoring the call he flipped his phone closed again. No way would he answer that if he didn't even know who it was. Then it vibrated again. And again. And until finally he just snapped what into the phone.

"My apologizes Mello. I am sorry to bother you, but there is some business I need your help for." A voice on the other end made Mello jump. "Who are you? Is that you Near? You're the only one I know that talks like this." Said Mello. He slightly calmed down. Near wasn't someone out to get him. Near didn't care what Mello did. But why did he call him?

Near let out a sound that sounded like an amused chuckle. "Like I said, I have some business I need your help for." Near repeated.

Mello let out an aggravated sigh. "What is it?" Mello asked.

"Straightforward as always Mello." Said Near. Mello's scowled. He could just picture Near's grin. "What is it?" Asked Mello through gritted teeth.

"I'm sure you've heard, there was a Prince that was kidnapped. There is nothing that links the kidnapper to the Prince. No servants, no DNA no anything. Seems he just vanished. I was asked as L to find them. But I need your help this time." Said Near. Mello heard the clicking of some toys as Near explained.

"What do you need my help for?" Asked Mello angrily running his gloved hands through his hair.

"Well I think- no I am certain this was a street crime. Someone maybe wanting a ransom, but they left no evidence of any kind." Near explained.

"So he probably ran away then." Mello said.

"I thought that to, but his family said it wouldn't be like him to run away." Near said.

"Not like him? I wouldn't be surprised. Kids who seem happy actually spend most of their time wanting a normal life so they run away. Not like it doesn't happen." Mello said.

"His family said he would never want to leave. He even said it himself." Near said

"That's no reason kids can put up a good act." Said Mello

"Maybe not. But they've asked for m- L's help. But L needs a representative so to speak." Near said.

"And you want me to be this representative." Mello said getting the point.

"Yes. I know I'm asking a lot from you. I need your help Mello. You are the only one that can track someone this way." Said Near

Mello sighed. He had some other projects he was working on. There was a bomber he was trying to track. "Alright. I'll help you. I would prefer it if I would meet you. Sending someone out here would be dangerous." Said Mello.

"Alright sounds fair. Thank you Mello." Said Near

Mello grumbled. "I'll call again around the same time tomorrow to tell you the information you need." Said Near.

"Okay." Said Mello. And with that Near hung up.

Mello flipped his phone closed and grumbled. What the hell did he get himself into?
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