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We are more than stars in winter
How apposed are you to grand theft auto?
Oneshot LavixLenalee 
19th-Jul-2009 03:56 pm
Lavi layed on his bed. His arms over his eyes and his mood was sour. It's not like it matters. So I kissed her. Big deal. Then why did it feel so right and wrong at the same time?

The flashback almost made him blush. Just the memory of the feeling was enough to tear him in two.

</i> Lavi suddenly noticed they were a little close. She was close enough to....before he knew what he was doing he cupped her chin in his hand and kissed Lenalee. She didn't push him away, she reacted which wasn't what he he expected. He had wondered what she'd do if he kissed her. Instead she wrapped her hands in his hair and began kissing back harder.....</i>

Lavi growled to himself again at the flashback that constantly played in his mind. Oh really it's not like he was in love. He was just curious. She didn't seem to take it seriously so what did it matter? Why should he? If he wasn't in love then why did this memory he made on a sudden rush of hormones have such an effect? Even when he wasn't Lavi he thought about it. As Boookman Jr. he could just forget about "Lavi's" friends. But it was her . She seemed to always be the exception. Why? It was innocent. He was being his age. What did it matter?

Oh you know it matters. It matters a good deal more than it should.

That voice at the back of his head.....he hated it. It scared him.

:> Let me know what you guys think!
19th-Jul-2009 08:55 pm (UTC)

It made me and my horrible angst fangirl all squealy inside. Thank you~
19th-Jul-2009 09:01 pm (UTC)
Your welcome~

FFFFFFFFFF It still makes my inner fangirl squee~ >w>

Someone should make a lavixlenalee amv with sexy back.
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