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We are more than stars in winter
How apposed are you to grand theft auto?
KanRina bbycakes~ 
24th-Jul-2009 05:03 pm
The snow was falling lighty outside the female exorsits window. If she went now, she could make it there and back before anyone noticed she was missing. Lenalee wrapped the scarff around her neck and and crept out of her room and crept out of her room and out the Order eventually. It was the Order's Christmas party that night and she had something in mind for a certain long haired samurai.

She thought it was a perfect idea and his old one was worn down to the thick seams anyway. And maybe it would be a good chance to tell him something she had kept inside her for a long time.....

Arriving at the shop she quickly stepped inside with the small tinkle of the bell on the door. The warm sent of polish greeted her and the blades shone brilliantly on the walls on display. A middle aged man stood behind a glass counter with a smile.

"Hello. And what can I do for a young lady like you?" Said the old man. Lenalee smiled. She talked with the old man until something with a dark red blue ribbon interested her. "I'll take that one." Said Lenalee. The man wrapped it up and she went on her way. Her cheeks were red from the cold but her eyes were bright and her stomach had butterflies. She got back just in time to make it back to her room before someone came looking for her to fix some decorations that her brother stepped on. She quickly hid the present under her bed and rushed to fix them.

Koumi stood there in the center of all the chaos "supervising" as he put it. When really he was just laughing and ordering people around. Lavi could be heard kicking a Finder for dropping something heavy on his foot. Kanda was no where to be seen she noted worriedly. But then again he never liked things like this so she wasn't to worried. About an hour before everything started she crept back to her room and grabbed the present. She stuck it under the tree and by the time she was done Allen had appeared to drag someone out from hiding because a cat fight was about to take place. Lenalee heard the rough voice and recognized it easily. Then walking toward them she knocked both of their heads together. "DO YOU TWO EVER STOP FIGHTING?" She demanded. Allen and Kanda both stood there to scared to move or answer. She backed away a few steps then went to go help someone carry a platter of cookies.

A few hours later Lenalee had somehow ended up in a slightly shadowed corner with Kanda. She figured now was the best time for it....when his back was turned to probably harm someone she grabbed the present she bought him. Then when Kanda turned back to her his eyebrow raised when he saw the long narrow package. She handed to him. "I saw your old sheath was worn out so I thought you could use a new one..." She said a little nervously. "Why did you?..." Asked Kanda confused. Though he was confused there was a small twitch at the corners of his mouth.

Lenalee didn't answer. She just waited for him to unwrap the package. Kanda looked at her for 10 minutes though it seemed like an age. Then he slowly undid the long narrow package. It was a bloodred ribbon that surrounded it. The shiny sliver shone brilliantly. Then at the tip of it where the should go in a peice of paper was stuck in it. Pulling out it was a piece of twisted paper. Setting the sheath against the wall he read it.

Kanda, I hope you like the sheath I picked out for you.



Love? That word had caught his eye. Since when and she signed anything with love?

Then when he looked back at Lenalee's face he saw a deep longing in her eyes. "Lenalee-"

But was cut off by "Kanda-"

Kanda moved swiftly and silently. He pressed a finger to her lips. "Let me finish. It's rude to interrupt someone." He said. This sent a cute blush across her cheeks. He bent his head down and his long hair shielded their faces. He toke his finger of her lips and planted a small sweet kiss.

Lenalee was taken aback but refused to let go.
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25th-Jul-2009 12:19 am (UTC)
*Giggles* Oh I'm sure she wouldn't mind. B) So long as he carries the weight of her boots. thenhecouldlookupherskirt

8D Thank you! I got the idea by reading a story about whiteshark skin used for sheaths in the book so O3O.
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